Welcome to the Tattoo Gallery.

These are images of tattoos that I have done for my customers. Some of them were from Flash Sheets and others were custom designed.

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Autoclave machines in the studio


Care for new Tattoos


    1. Wash your hands before touching new Tattoo.
    2. Remove bandage after 2 hours.
    3. Gently wash with mild soap, using finger tips. Do not use wash cloth.
    4. Gently pat the Tattoo dry, do not rub.
    5. Keep Tattoo out of direct sunlight for 2 to 3 weeks.
    6. No swimming, soaking, sauna or steam baths until all scabs have healed.
    7. Use Tattoo Goo. No oils or ointments.
    8. Do not pick or scratch scabs.
    9. Keep clean.
    10. No tight clothes
    11. Do not re-bandage
    12. Use common sense.
    13. After Tattoo is healed, use SPF 30 sun screen when exposed to the sun.





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